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Welcome to Malaria Database where we try to input much updated information in the field of Malaria Research. The prevalence, statistics and news are inclined towards developing countries including India. Malaria is known to be one of the most prevalent diseases in India.

General Information
Malaria may be a mosquito-borne communicable disease affecting humans and different animals caused by parasitic protozoans. Individuals with protozoan infection typically expertise fever, chills, and flu-like sickness. Left untreated, they'll develop severe complications and die.

Reports from World Health Organization

Note: The reports procured from WHO are in brief. The data presented are only isolated which could be useful for research overview. For details please do visit WHO website.

212 million malaria cases worldwide in 2015
21% global decrease in malaria incidence between 2010 and 2015
29% decrease in global malaria mortality rates between 2010 and 2015
*The values mentioned about in the table may vary. The details can be viewed at WHO website.

Indian Profile for Malaria 2015 (Download Here) [For other individual country profile]

Antimalarial drug efficacy maps –There are two Antimalarial drug efficacy maps
  • Therapeutic efficacy of antimalarial treatment against P. falciparum [get here]. For country wise efficacy can be downloaded here. (India on page 4). Treatment failure rates data. [get here]
  • Therapeutic efficacy of antimalarial treatment against P. vivax [get here] For country wise efficacy can be downloaded here. (India on page 2). Treatment failure rates data. [get here]

Global insecticide resistance database [get here]

Global Malaria Mapper – This is created by Medicines for Malaria Venture and WHO Global Malaria Programme. It is an interactive tool helps researchers to build customised maps using data from World Malaria Report 2015. [get here]

WHO Malaria Terminology [download]

Research in Malaria

Malaria Country Wise

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