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Thursday, 23 June 2016

The article was posted at Profeza blog on June 18th 2016

Missing contents in a research communication hold enormous potential to substantially resolve the issues in communication of scientific research, and Profeza provides one with the apt support and kickstart!

Accountability: There is no way to assess individual author’s contributions to an article. Even though some articles mention the role of individual authors in conducting the research, writing the manuscript and funding the research infrastructure, it gives no clear representation of individual works or skills put in it.

Signatory to more than 12,000 researchers and 600 research organizations worldwide, San Francisco’s DORA is an initiative that was put forward with the intention to curb the practices of correlating the journal impact factor with the merits of a particular scientist’s contribution. It also states that impact factor should not be used to ‘measure the quality of individual research articles, or in hiring, promotion or funding decisions.’ But do we have in place any alternative in concrete terms? (Read More)

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